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Intelligent technology for lithium-ion battery systems

We offer our customers attractive battery systems based on lithium-ion battery module technology and the intelligence of the battery management system, which work together as a complete system from a single source. In particular, our battery systems are characterised by their unique technical advantages such as high flexibility, energy density, recyclability and sustainability.

INVENOX CONCHIFERA technology.Cost-effective, efficient and safe battery modules.

While many manufacturers weld the battery cells individually in a time-consuming process, at CONCHIFERA they are clamped right between two aluminium core circuit boards. Contacting elements made of FANTASTIUM, a very elastic and at the same time highly conductive material, ensure reliable, vibration-resistant contact. The aluminium core circuit board isn't just used for the electrical wiring. It also provides the cooling surface. Cooling takes place via the battery cell's electrical pole contacts rather than via the jacket's surface.

The CONCHIFERA technology has an international patent pending. Thanks to the single-piece design and compact arrangement of the battery cells, CONCHIFERA battery modules have an outstanding energy density. At the same time, the use of standardised 18650 battery cells and the simple manufacturing process means that they can be produced very cost-effectively. In contrast to established welding processes, there is no heat input into the cell during production, which can accelerate the battery cell's ageing. Pole contact cooling allows the heat to be dissipated from the battery cell very effectively. The optimised, homogeneous temperature control leads to a very long service life. The reversible clamp connection also makes it easy to replace defective battery cells.

INVENOX battery management system.Intelligent lithium-ion battery cell monitoring.

Lithium-ion battery cells must be electronically monitored during operation by a battery management system (BMS) to avoid dangerous conditions, in particular overcharging, undercharging and excess temperature. The battery management system can also be used to determine the battery's state of charge.

INVENOX uses a high-performance battery management system developed in-house that continuously records and analyses the voltage of each individual cell, the temperature distribution in the battery module and other parameters. Parallel monitoring on two separate levels ensures maximum reliability. Complex, non-linear algorithms for state estimation enable the state of charge and ageing to be determined with high precision. In addition, the INVENOX battery management system offers a data logging functionality and can be equipped with a direct server connection via GSM.

Sustainable technology. The battery assembly.

In the first step of the precise assembly process, the battery cells are subjected to a thorough quality check. After checking, they are systematically sorted and precisely positioned. A visual inspection ensures that each cell is in its intended position and meets INVENOX's high standards.

The module circuit board, which is already equipped with the specialised contacting material, is then carefully placed over the cell block. The module sheet serves as a stabilising base to ensure an optimum connection and conductivity.

The battery module is then screwed into place with precision. This design approach offers the decisive advantage that individual defective cells can be replaced without great effort if servicing is required.

In the final step, known as system assembly, the individually assembled battery modules are aggregated to form a complete battery storage system and integrated into a robust housing. This process ensures that the end products are not just efficient, but durable and safe.

"The Fantastium contacting material can be precisely applied to the printed circuit boards in defined quantities with minimal waste using a dispenser. It is quick and easy to switch between different board types and react to future product design changes. The process can also be integrated into a highly automated production line in the future."

Billie, materials research employee

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