INVENOX battery systems in production on an assembly table.

Lithium-ion battery systems for mobile machines.

We offer our customers an attractive overall solution which combines the technology of the lithium-ion battery module and the intelligence of the battery management system.

Our products are characterised by their unique technical advantages such as high flexibility, energy density, recyclability and sustainability.

Sustainable products.How our battery systems are used.

Batteries are ideal energy storage devices for the electrification of many mobile machines. However, the requirements for mobile machine batteries are entirely different than those for electric car batteries.

The lithium-ion battery systems developed by INVENOX perfectly meet the requirements of off-highway applications, such as vibration resistance, thermal management, etc.

Our product range. INVENOX battery systems for low and high voltage applications.

LIOS 24 / 48 Volt

  • Two sizes (3 to 6kWh)
  • Two cells (energy / power)
  • Parallel connection up to 6x

LIOS 48 Volt XL

  • One size (22kWh)
  • Single system
  • Passive cooling

96 Volt systems

  • Three sizes (26 / 39 / 52 kWh)
  • Passive cooling
  • Four power connections

System 400V – 25kWh

  • Liquid cooling
  • Parallel connection up to 6x

If you have any special requirements or ideas, we'll be happy to help you. Thanks to our modular HV system, solutions up to 800 volts and 100 kWh/block can be implemented, and custom solutions beyond these specifications are also possible. Our experts strive to meet your technical requirements.

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INVENOX CONCHIFERA technology.Cost-effective. Efficient. Safe.

This patented CONCHIFERA technology improves the battery performance and service life by ensuring optimum energy transfer while increasing safety through individual cell protection.

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High-tech production.Sustainable solutions.

Your advantages.

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Service life

Our battery systems have a longer service life because the good cells are always reused.

Icon with two bolts to symbolise reuse


Our battery systems are not encapsulated. They are bolted together, which makes it possible to replace individual cells.

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Conductive plastic

We use an innovative, conductive plastic (Fantastium) as the contacting material for our battery systems.

Icon with a thermometer to symbolise a thermal management system

Thermal management

Thanks to efficient thermal management based on integrated heating, our battery systems are efficient – regardless of the temperature.

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Our specially developed, patented battery management system ensures safety and efficiency.

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Made in Germany

We develop and produce at our site in Garching near Munich.

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