Being successfully nominated as on of the best seven start-ups in the Bavarian area, INVENOX GmbH wins the second place of the 2015 Munich Business Plan competition (

The Munich Business Plan competition is a well established, prestigious panel for the development and coaching of young, aspiring startup companies. Achieving a total number of more than 400 submissions in 2015, the competition has been in a special focus with the highest attendance so far. For the very first time, there has been more submissions of full business plans in stage 3 than in stage 1 or 2, where only a short version is required.
To achieve the nomination to the final round, 87 startup companies handed in their 30 page business plan with all business relevant indexes, economic structures and the technical, market and sales conept description. 150 volunteer jurors determined the seven most promising and expedient explications. In a final presentation of 10 minutes and a short discussion round, the nominees have been assessed once again by a top-class jury.
Winning the second place of 87 submissions, INVENOX obtains an independent and significant confirmation of the scheduled business activities in the field of lithium ion battery systems. With the focus on the developement and production of advanced lithium ion battery systems for stationary and mobile applications, INVENOX enters an emerging market with various demands in terms of safety, efficiency and profitability. With the patent pending CONCHIFERA technology, INVENOX is able to fully use the potential of the powerful and reasonable priced 18650 battery cells and can even push the safety of the battery pack design to a next level. Those aspects as well as the proprietary battery management system development with its highly advanced algorithms and realtime monitoring functionality, the technological advantages versus the competitors are set.

Most notably, the economic aspects of the INVENOX business plan in the field of sales, financing and marketing have been convincing arguments for its viability. Setting the focus on upcoming markets in the european region, INVENOX successfully acquired in 2015 several mass production relevant prototype projects. For the mid- and longterm realization, additional segments such as stationary applications or the automotive industry shall be focussed.
Planning its company strategy on a longterm basis, INVENOX also considers worldwide emerging regions like the asian markets. Together with strong, local partners, first projects already have been accomplished. The tremendous growth of basis certified applications of these rising nations is an attractive bussiness area that will be successively extended in the following years. Beside its profound market knowledge and the broad INVENOX network, the CONCHIFERA-technology enables an easy market entry. The easily realizable integration of value adding battery assembly proccesses in these regions, close to the customer, is a crucial advantage which will help to penetrate these international market segments.
The prize money will be directly invested for improving selected aspects of our assembly line and the INVENOX head quarter.