Team CONCHIFERA. One Glance Back.

Our encounter at the Institute of Automotive Engineering of the Technical University of Munich at the end of 2011 laid the foundation for the development of a new technology for storing electrical energy. A vision was born.

Driven by the mutual idea, we henceforth researched and developed efficient, safe and powerful battery storage systems in our PhD work. Already in March 2012, the feasibility of the technology could in principle be proven in the laboratory. In the sequel, various research vehicles of the institute were equipped with CONCHIFERA battery systems and numerous insights and experiences for the further development could be gathered.

Mid-2012, we took the courageous decision to transform our technological knowledge into a spin-off company. Supported by UnternehmerTUM and others, we further developed our business knowledge and could win several prices and competitions as team CONCHIFERA. A grant of funding by the governmental program EXIST Forschungstransfer from June 2014 put things on the right track and initiated the birth of INVENOX GmbH.

INVENOX GmbH. Dynamic Growth.

The company INVENOX GmbH was founded on June 16, 2014. Currently, we are in the development stage – here, we are bringing the interaction of technology, product and market to life.

Our headquarters are located in Garching in close proximity to the Technical University of Munich. As a center for electric mobility, Munich is the perfect location for our company and provides an easy and direct access to many strategic partners in battery research and potential customers. During joint projects in the frame of our work at the Institute of Automotive Engineering, we have already established a broad network.

In initial pilot projects with customers and in several research projects – both within our company and in cooperation with academia and industry – we are continuously gathering valuable technical knowledge and encounter new ideas since August 2014. Thus, we learn constantly and bring the further development of our products directly forward.


Entrepreneurial Responsibility. From the Beginning.

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We do have the “why” of our company firmly in mind. And it is not just about economic success. For us, a trustworthy and reliable cooperation is the safest way to success. We always take care of this, to ensure the best possible individual solutions for our customers and to create solidarity towards our employees and business partners. In addition, we pay attention to a resource-efficient behavior and contribute significantly to environmental sustainability with our products.

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Ideas are the nucleus of every innovation. Especially in the field of renewable energies, a high degree of entrepreneurial creativity is required. Whether volatile ideas or the specific promotion of own inspiration – through the combination of idea management and modern creativity concepts we lay the foundation for creative processes and the origin of new ideas in our company.

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Progress goes hand in hand with the ability to innovate. Being a progressive technology company, the management of innovations is an important part of our business strategy. Through our innovation process as a combination of specific knowledge management and the “Lean Startup” concept, we manage to transform ideas and customer needs into innovative products of tomorrow.

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When you look at an artist in action, can witness how he gets absorbed in his passion, and how this passion drives him to get to the top. We also become artists when we work on our products and build our company. Day by day, we work with much enthusiasm and a passionate drive, to give our best for the highest quality products and a strong corporate development.

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“Sapere Aude”. With this exclamation, the Roman poet Horace once advised his students to dare to be wise. In order to increase our wealth of knowledge, we also dare to build on our past experience and move forward with great courage, to break new grounds. Thus, we steadily put our ideas into action and work on the realization of our goals.


Innovative, Interactive, Integrative. INVENOX and You.

As an innovative technological start-up, we offer plenty of space for exciting developments and creative inspirations. As a brave and open mind, you have the opportunity to actively shape the future with us, and to put your own ideas into action – in broad outlines and in great detail.

We at INVENOX put great emphasis on freedom of action and self-responsibility, but also on close collaboration with you in the team with fair rules, to which we are committed. In addition, you are part of our international network of partners from science, industry, mentoring and other start-ups.

In our vibrant team, individuality and humanity are of utter importance to us. Especially the direct access to the directors and an open and attentive communication contribute to this. To avoid that the life-acrobat in you gets lost, we take care of work-life-balance and a pleasant working atmosphere.

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