Electrical Energy Storage.
The Green Revolution.

The efficient storage of regeneratively produced energy is gaining importance in the face of increasing resource scarcity and environmental pollution. That aroused our enthusiasm to found the company INVENOX, based on our research work in the field of battery storage at the Technical University of Munich. With powerful and economical battery storage systems we want to contribute to a better world.

Innovative Technology.
New Perspectives.

CONCHIFERA, an innovative and internationally patent-pending technology for connecting battery cells, provides the basis for the comprehensive range of our products and services. It is supplemented by our battery management system which can determine the state of the battery cells with unmatched precision.

Strong Performance.
Powerful Energy.

We supply our customers with powerful and economical battery systems, which can be used in nearly all stationary and mobile applications through a modular design. Additionally, we offer customized engineering, as well as a wide range of additional services and warranty options.